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Carver Fat Tire

Looking For A Bike – Part I

I’ve been working downtown in Canton over a year now, so what’s that mean?  Well, let’s see, first I’m extremely familiar with all the taverns, bars and restaurants from Brewers Hill to Harbor East without a doubt.  I also see so many people on bikes who ride to work, ride to lunch, ride to meet a client, ride to get a…

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1 Hour Bread Recipe

It’s Sunday morning and last night I was too tired to make up my normal dough.  I was tired because my daughters were riding doubles on one of the four wheelers, goofing off the way sisters do and wrecked into a tree.  Sending them both over the bars, missing the tree thank goodness and flipping them onto the ground head…

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Wooden 6 Pack Holder

Cool Wooden 6 Pack Holder This is it.  Soon as I saw this I knew I had to make one similar to it.  Have have not made mine yet.  This picture came from Pinterest and I believe they are on Etsy for sale. Just search wood 6 pack holder and I’m sure you will see many various styles, however I am…

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Beer Saved The World

How Beer Saved The World

Beer Saved The World Inforgraphic Where would we be today without beer today?  It’s hard to say, however I’m sure we wouldn’t be nearly as happy! 🙂   There is a special thanks to the Discovery Channel for their documentary on how beer saved the world.  Thank you Discovery Channel.

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Beer and Cheese Pairing Guidelines

Beer And Cheese Pairing Guidelines

The Beer and Cheese Pairing Guidelines At some point this poster was sold at as of Sunday, April 20th, 2014 it was not listed for sale anymore, however you can search “Beer” and see many unique items for sale. Update May, 5th 2014 Thanks to Hailey at RedEnvelope for letting us know that they have re launched their beer gift section.…

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Baltimore World Of Beer

Yesterday I was showing a property on the west side of Baltimore.  After the appointment I mapped out the distance to the Baltimore World of Beer.  No far at all, about 5 minutes and that my friends was perfect, and by perfect I mean perfectly no reason not to stop.  You know that feeling when you were a little kid…

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