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April 2014

Carver Fat Tire

Looking For A Bike – Part I

I’ve been working downtown in Canton over a year now, so what’s that mean?  Well, let’s see, first I’m extremely familiar with all …


1 Hour Bread Recipe

It’s Sunday morning and last night I was too tired to make up my normal dough.  I was tired because my daughters …


Wooden 6 Pack Holder

Cool Wooden 6 Pack Holder This is it.  Soon as I saw this I knew I had to make one similar to it. …

Beer Saved The World

How Beer Saved The World

Beer Saved The World Inforgraphic Where would we be today without beer today?  It’s hard to say, however I’m sure we wouldn’t …

Beer and Cheese Pairing Guidelines

Beer And Cheese Pairing Guidelines

The Beer and Cheese Pairing Guidelines At some point this poster was sold at as of Sunday, April 20th, 2014 it was …

Baltimore World Of Beer

Yesterday I was showing a property on the west side of Baltimore.  After the appointment I mapped out the distance to the …

Hops Infographic

Hops Infographic Chart

This Hops Inforgraphic Chart can be purchased at Designed by Zekes Shore