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Fixie Bike Racer

Looking For A Bike – Part II – The Fixie

After reading a lot of websites, searching online including craigslist and watching youtube videos I learned one thing, and that is… I want a fixie. Yep, that’s what I want.  So, I’m looking for a bike, well make that a fixie.  If you missed part I, click here. What’s A Fixie Fixed gear bicycle, fixed wheel bicycle, commonly know as a fixie.…

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Open 24 Beers At Once

What we have here is an engineering feat that we had no idea existed. Cheers to engineers everywhere, we often take your work for granted.  Not anymore we don’t. Open 24 Beers At Once It’s a single opener designed to open a whole 12 pack at once.  That’s right, all 12 bottles open at the same time.  I’m getting excited just…

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