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Fixie Bike Racer

Looking For A Bike – Part II – The Fixie

After reading a lot of websites, searching online including craigslist and watching youtube videos I learned one thing, and that is… I want a fixie. Yep, that’s what I want.  So, I’m looking for a bike, well make that a fixie.  If you missed part I, click here. What’s A Fixie Fixed gear bicycle, fixed wheel bicycle, commonly know as a fixie.…

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Carver Fat Tire

Looking For A Bike – Part I

I’ve been working downtown in Canton over a year now, so what’s that mean?  Well, let’s see, first I’m extremely familiar with all the taverns, bars and restaurants from Brewers Hill to Harbor East without a doubt.  I also see so many people on bikes who ride to work, ride to lunch, ride to meet a client, ride to get a…

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