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Our First Give-A-Way

This is our first official give a way and we did our best to make it BIG. Everyone likes free beer right? We just finished our first give a way.  It was a way for me to give back for all the likes on our Instagram posts and our followers. @TwistedHops had just hit the 10k followers mark and I…

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Instagram Home Page

Instagram Is On Fire

I like to put things simple, and simply put beer is social. Alcoholic beverages are social. Beer Is Social Beer in itself is a very social beverage. For decades, no, make that centuries, friends and families alike have been sharing drinks. To celebrate a victory, a marriage or defeat. Regardless of the situation it’s still social. Beer Is Visual Beer…

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Ready To Begin Planing The Beer Garden

All this cold weather has done is make me want to start planning my garden this year. I have one more snowboarding trip planned and after that I’m ready for spring. Who’s with me? So in addition to my hops I need to decide on a few recipes and then figure out what I can grow. It’s been over 2…

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Open 24 Beers At Once

What we have here is an engineering feat that we had no idea existed. Cheers to engineers everywhere, we often take your work for granted.  Not anymore we don’t. Open 24 Beers At Once It’s a single opener designed to open a whole 12 pack at once.  That’s right, all 12 bottles open at the same time.  I’m getting excited just…

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The Twisted Hops Blog, It’s Has To Start Somewhere

Finally, a place for me to post all of my beer ramblings, pictures and homebrew recipes, The Twisted Hops Blog.  I have been starting then stopping, starting again only to stop again.  In other words, I have been creating a blog on and off for several years now that was not active. That’s all about to change. While at a…

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