Our First Give-A-Way

twisted hops official give a wayThis is our first official give a way and we did our best to make it BIG.

Everyone likes free beer right?

We just finished our first give a way.  It was a way for me to give back for all the likes on our Instagram posts and our followers. @TwistedHops had just hit the 10k followers mark and I felt it was a pretty big deal.

Cheers to that…

Again, I would like to thank all our followers. It’s because of you that I decided to host this give a way. A lot of other craft beer enthusiasts host give a ways and I’ve felt it’s a great way to give back to the craft beer community.

Here’s where my personal twist came into play.  I wanted to give a way brews from my local area that aren’t widely distributed in the USA or even the east coast for that matter.

I went with the idea of 14 drinks from 6 breweries and they all had to be brewed in my state, that’s Maryland. There are however many more than 6 breweries in Maryland.  I went with 6 breweries that I was currently enjoying a lot tasty brews from.

The breweries that I chose were (in so special order):

Special Thanks

A special thanks goes out the these 2 great businesses for donating to our give a way.

Cheers to Scott at Manor Hill Brewinglogo-manorhill for reaching out to us. Manor Hill Brewing is situated on the Marriner family farm located in Howard County.

They donated some swag and of course their delicious IPA was part of the give a way.

When I stopped by to pick up the merchandise I met the head brewer Ben and his assistant Brian (thank you guys for showing me around your brewery). They were milling grains and brewing up all sorts of tasty goodness. Make sure you check out Manor Hill Brewing.


Thanks to Brewski Promotionz, they donated some of their flagshiplogo-brewskibandz products to us, the BrewskiBandz.  This is a rubber bracelet that doubles as a bottle opener. Great idea and I can see a lot of bar tenders keeping this on their hand throughout their shifts. Thanks guys for donating to the give a way.  Much appreciated.

Check them out at www.breskibandz.com for more information and you can order direct.

And The Winner Is

twistedhops-giveaway-winnerFor choosing the winner I decided to use random.org’s random number generator. I listed all the entries on a spreadsheet in Google Drive to keep track of everything.

The winner is @AppleAggression

Congratulations, I hope you enjoy all these tasty brews.  I urge you to check out their websites as well and read each of their stories.

Maybe host a beer tasting party with your favorite drinking buddy who enjoys finely hand crafted brews.

More Free Stuff

If you didn’t win this round, here’s good news. So, alright, this was the first, a trial if you will.  I wanted to try my hand at hosting give a way and see the response that I’d get. I can tell you that I’m happy with the amount of entries and will continue to hold more give a ways in the future.

Brews, Stickers, Glassware and more, so stay tuned my craft beer friends!



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