Raw Oysters

Mama’s On The Half Shell

It was Friday and just past 1:00 pm.  I was in the mood for lunch and a pint.  So I’m in the Jeep and drive to Of Love & Regret at 1028 South Conkling Street, Baltimore, MD.  As I pulled up it seemed empty and parking was easy (that should have been the tip off).  They don’t open till 4:00 pm, rats! Ok, that wasn’t going to work so I decided to make a move to “Plan B”,  go a few blocks down to Mama’s On the Half Shell.  What a great idea!

Oyster’s & Summer Shandy

They had Leinenkugel’s Summer Shandy on draft so I had on of those.  Looking at the fresh oyster board that is updated daily (there is lots to pick from, osters from regions all over the east coast).  I went with the Duxbury’s (from Massachusetts). Once ordered they shuck them there right at the bar where you sit.  I drank my shandy as the oyster man shucked my dozen.  They looked great and tasted better, very happy with my choice!

Raw Oysters

I had a good conversation with the gentleman next me about the history of Canton Square and many of the local hangouts.  Just as the conversation came to and end so did my lunch!

check please… I got’s ta run…

I had many things that still needed to be done on this Friday afternoon. If you’re in the area hit me up.  They are located across from my office in Canton.

Location, Location, Location

Mama’s On the Half Shell
2901 O’Donnell St
Baltimore, MD 21224


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