Ready To Begin Planing The Beer Garden


All this cold weather has done is make me want to start planning my garden this year. I have one more snowboarding trip planned and after that I’m ready for spring. Who’s with me?

So in addition to my hops I need to decide on a few recipes and then figure out what I can grow. It’s been over 2 months since my last home brew session and I must say that I’m feeling a little incomplete with my fermenters all being empty.

Can you hear that?

Pretty sure they are calling me…

Raay… Raaaaay……. Fill me quick!!!!

lol.  Ok, so this has lead to me planning a brew day soon.  I can’t commit that date because I just can’t yet.  What I can say is that it will be sometime in the this month.

Maybe we should have a brew challenge.  Something like mandatory brewing once per month?  Or a brew that begins with the months first letter?  Or each month a new style to make me go out of my comfort zone?  Hmm…. something to think about.

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